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How to Model SaaS Startup’s Growth Interactively Using Scenarios

In this article, we will look at how you can interactively plan for different scenarios to model the growth of your startup by working with the tool developed at Vizually Labs. Before we begin, let us look at what is Fundamental Unit of Growth (FUG) and then look at the tool below.

Trump word association cloud in Tableau

Presidential elections and Donald Trump is a hot topic of discussion in the US right now so wouldn’t it be interesting to visualize what words people are associating ‘trump’ with?...

Welcome to Vizually

If you are a data professional, a key part of your job is to interpret and analyze what data tells you, and then communicate that to business users. The effectiveness of communicating this...

Mr. Money Mustache Calculator

A couple of year ago, I read an article on how a millionaire is made $10 bucks at time by Mr. Money Mustache and I couldn’t agree more. Quite often, we come across articles on how X number of...

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